Troubleshooting an RC Helicopter

When the RC helicopters starts to act strange you should take the RC
helicopter down and inspect every part of the RC helicopter.

Look over the way the parts were installed and see if you did the proper

Try to work from the tail rotor all the way to the canopy. There could
be potential problems that you will not know about until it is too late.

This might seem like an inconvenience but it’s better than crashing and
paying money for a crash that could have been avoided.

When the radio and receiver are turned on, that’s when you are supposed
to notice anything different with your helicopter. Hear for noises that
come from the servos.

Are they working properly?

If the servo inspection goes well, while securely holding the main rotor,
turn on the engine and hear how the engine sounds.

Does the engine sound normal?

As you fly more and more you will know how the engine is supposed to
sound to you.

Just remember that if at any time the RC helicopter acts funny put that
helicopter down and run the trouble shooting technique.

Please don’t ignore this tip.

Trust me, you will develop your own technique but for now just follow
what’s on this site. Use this site as a good trouble shooting source or
go to the forums to find what you can’t find here. But please make sure
you find the problem or you will be spending money on parts due to a crash.

One last thing that I want to mention is that if you have a problem with
the RC helicopter while in flight, try not to panic just bring the RC
helicopter down slowly. Bringing the RC helicopter fast will just make
controlling the helicopter harder.

Try to stay calm while slowly lowering the RC helicopter down to the
ground. Once it’s on the ground be sure to inspect it thoroughly.

Information on R/C Heli Setup

Knowing how to do your RC heli setup for the first time can be very frustrating.
But fortunately there is RC Helicopter Tips .com that can give you the
basics on how to get started.

up your RC helicopter has to be done with some time and patients. One
thing I like to do is read and re-read the instruction manual of an RC
helicopter. There is always something important that I missed.

Getting familiar with the instruction manual will make the RC heli setup

Make sure you keep these manuals in a safe place where you can access
them at any given time.

When you first start building your RC helicopter, you will need
to be careful and not try to bypass the building process.
you rush the process, bad things will tend to happen.

For Example, RC helicopter parts flying all over the place while in flight.

The RC heli setup has to be done neat and tidy without any loose
wires or loose receivers. These parts can be easily secured to your RC
helicopter with wire ties and double sided tape. After the RC heli setup,
it is a good idea to have the RC helicopter inspected
by a RC helicopter hobby shop or by an RC helicopter pilot. This inspection
will insure that the RC helicopter will fly properly.

Also, before your first flight try to find somebody in your local area
that is familiar with your radio type that can show you how to set it
up. This will save you some frustrations that you might
experience if you have a radio that is not set up properly.

On this page I will show you some of the things on

RC heli setup, from problems I encountered setting up
my RC helicopter to tricks I discovered along the way.

Let me know what you think.

Do you think I’m missing something important? I would appreciate your

Which R/C Helicopter Gyro to Choose?

The RC heli gyro or Radio controlled Helicopters gyroscope is an electro-mechanical
device which is used to stop the body of the helicopter to revolve or
rotate around its own axis.

It is usually fitted between the tail rotor and the receiver and senses
any change in the rotational movement and compensates the force moving
the angle of the rotor hence creating a force in the opposite direction
nullifying the effect.

There are a variety of rc heli gyro’s available in the commercial market
and price of each differs from each another. The price of the gyro depends
upon the features it has. The more the advance an RC heli gyro is, the
more will be the cost.

But mostly all gyro’s provide the basic functionality of controlling
the axial rotation of the helicopter.

If you are a beginner then a constant heading hold would be a nice option
to start with. The constant heading hold feature lets you control the
side to side and backward to forward of the RC helicopter while keeping
the tail still.

This feature is very useful as it lets the beginner have full control
of the RC helicopter without worrying about the tail rotor.

The common brands of RC heli gyro’s available in the market are Futaba,
JR Futaba being the most popular and is available in many models.

Futaba produces a wide range of RC heli gyros with advanced features
like Active Angular Velocity Control System or commonly known as AVCS
and Silicon Micro Machine components. These advance features makes the
gyro more stable and with a high accuracy of functioning.

The latest series being the GY series from Futaba, which consist of
different models, like GY240, GY401, GY502, and GY601.

With the experience that I have with RC helicopter gyros, is that they’re
not that hard to set up. Just follow the instruction and you should not
have any problems with it.

The above information is written, so that you can have an understanding
on how the RC heli gyro works. Most people just buy it with knowing on
the mechanicals of it. It’s good just to know how it works.

RC Helicopter Videos

It may seem strange that there are rc helicopter videos available for
remote control helicopters, but in reality, they are a very useful tool
for the RC helicopter enthusiast.

RC helicopter instructional videos show you the steps you need to understand
this hobby, from assembling the RC helicopter to flying it.

Instructional RC helicopter videos are often made for specific models
of helicopters. This allows the video to show, step by step, how to build
the helicopter.

The real-time view of how to build the helicopter is a great supplement
to paper instructions, as you, the viewer, can see exactly how the parts
are put together, rather than having to decipher a paper diagram which
may or may not have a clear explanation.

Not only do the RC Helicopter videos show you how to build it, but they
tell you what you need to build it, and what should come in the box.

This prevents frustration later on, as when you know what you need from
the start you won’t be scrambling for it a few hours into building the
helicopter, or wondering why you see to be missing a particular part.

The instructional RC heli videos also show tips on “do’s and don’t's”.

The advantage to instructions on what to do and what not to do being
visual rather than just described is that you can see exactly how to do
something (such as how much to turn a particular bolt), and the consequences
of a don’t (without having to experience it first hand).

instructional RC helicopter videos can guide you through your first flight.

The RC heli videos will walk you through the precautions you need to
take, preflight calibration, and the first steps in getting the helicopter
to fly.

Seeing these steps on a video allows you to know what everything should
look like as you are setting up, and relieve the uncertainty of wondering..

“Is that supposed to happen?”

RC Helicopter Training Help

Getting started with an RC helicopter hobby can be fun but learning how
to fly them can be difficult. There are several training aids that can
help cut the learning curb in half.

Just be careful on what training aids you decide to get. Products like
a flight simulator will let you feel how the RC helicopter will fly. The
flight simulator will give you the feeling of flying an RC helicopter.

I have notice that as long as you setup the simulator to fit your flying
style you will have a great training tool in your hands.

The next training help that you can get is support from your local club.
People at RC helicopter clubs are the most helpful human beings. They
know were you are coming from and they have been where you are now.

There are very few RC helicopter clubs out there, but rapidly growing.

RC helicopter clubs will help you the most on your journey in learning
RC helicopters, from setting up to flying. If you can, try to attend the
clubs whenever you can.

Trust me, you will learn something everyday.

Learning without any training aids will end up costing you a lot of money.
Opposed to having training aids that will help you from not crashing (if
used properly).

I’m not telling you that you will not crash with these training aids.

What I’m saying is that you will have a lot less crashes, saving you
money as a result. There are some training aids that I did not cover but
if you browse through my site you will find some more information that
I cover in much more detail.

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